Martial Arts

Be Grounded & Aware of your surroundings. Trust in yourself and your path will be clear.

Our philosophy unites Breathe and Movement to create Ki throughout our body. Ki is our life force energy that keeps us alive and our body working as a whole. With the power from both Martial Arts and Yoga our students will see the ultimate benefits of each art. The arts will come together as union.

Our school offer an Eclectic style of Martial Arts. Both Willie & Misty study the Juko Kai system and find it very intriguing. This is a very intense style of Combat Martial Arts. Willie & Misty train directly under Soke Rod Sacharnoski. We have several programs depending on your age and lifestyle. Classes are designed according to the audience.

Willie Calhoun 4th Dan is our Headmaster. He has been training in various styles of Martial Arts since 1998. Willie has had many teachers that have influenced him to be the teacher he is today!

Juko-Kai Systems comes from one of the OLDEST Traditional Martial Arts Systems from Okinawa, Japan. There are 15 different Arts inside this system! We offer classes in Goshinjutsu for kids, teens, women and men for ranking or just personal protection. The other arts are offered to our advanced students and specified workshops throughout the year.

Check out Soke Rod Sacharnoski website here

Martial Arts Schedule of Classes and Events

Adults & Teens Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm

Youth Saturday’s 10:30-12:00 pm

High Rank / Black belt class Every 3rd Saturday 4:00-6:00 pm  (Tiode & Weapons)

Use online schedule for Yoga & Conditioning


Drop-in $10 l Workshops $35

Martial Arts Monthly Tuition $55 month (includes one conditioning class of choice)

Class Cards $85 / 10 Classes | $160 20 Classes

Juko Kai Membership Fee $25 year (required for Martial Arts & TaiKi Yoga)

Unlimited Classes $99 monthly | Family Plan $150 (3 Members)

Misty Calhoun 4th Dan & (200E-RYT) certified Yoga Teacher has been designing this Art since 2004. She uses specific Movements, Vinyasas, Pranayama and Chakra work in each class. As you start connecting the different intentions of your practice will be become apart of everything you do life.

Our public classes we teach are Awakening Yoga, Mindful Flow, Yoga Balance, Power Yoga, Yoga Fusion, Senior Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative yoga and TiaKi Yoga. Misty offers an Advanced Teacher Training once a year and mentor program for the right people. See our Teacher Training for more info!

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