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Breathe Deep & Love

Yoga will teach you awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. You will also gain the ability to push yourself to new limits in each discipline. All of our teachers take a very balanced, open approach to physical fitness, breathing, and protection. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality and goals.

Our school teaches Intentional based yoga. Misty Calhoun (200E-RYT) has been designing her practice since 2004. We use specific Movements, Vinyasa flows, Pranayama and Chakra work in each class. As you start connecting the different intentions of your practice will be become apart of everything you do on and off your mat.

Students have notice many benefits: Improved abdominal and back strength, increased flexibility and circulation, firmer, more powerful muscles, Improved posture and body alignment, better sleeping habits and focus, increased energy levels, stress reduction, self awareness, confidence and better self-esteem.

Our public classes we teach are Awakening Yoga, Mindful Flow, Yoga Balance, Energizing Yoga, Just Breathe Yoga, Senior Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative yoga and TiaKi Yoga. Misty offers an Advanced Teacher Training once a year and  mentor program for the right people. For more information click the link below!


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