Tai-Ki Yoga

Breathe Deep & Love

Yoga will teach you awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. You will gain the ability to push yourself to new limits in each discipline you study. All of our teachers take a very balanced, open approach to physical fitness, breathing, and protection. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality and goals.

Our school teaches Intentional based yoga. Misty Calhoun (200E-RYT) has been designing her practice since 2004. We use specific Movements, Vinyasa flows, Pranayama and Chakra work in each class. As you start connecting the different intentions of your practice will be become apart of everything you do on and off your mat.

Tai-Ki Yoga is broke down into several branches of intentions. Each will help you understand the whole art as a system.

JUST BREATHE YOGA (Prana & KI) is the foundation of Tai Ki Yoga. This art was designed and created by Misty Calhoun using the World known Tai Ki Breathing methods from Rod Sacharnoski her mentor and Soke. This art is recognized in both Yoga and Traditional Martial Arts System. Students will have the opportunity to rank in the martial arts with this art. Every class we teach is a branch Tai Ki Yoga, but this class is the foundation of the art. Class required for Teacher training in our teacher program.

AWAKENING YOGA is a morning intention that focuses on the whole body and all aspects of the Tai Ki Yoga Art. This class will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day. We will wake up our bodies with sun salutations, flow through various stretches to gain balance, and use relaxation poses to focus our minds for the day.

MINDFUL FLOW will help with mastering your breath, energy & movement. This branch of Tai Ki Yoga connects all three for better awareness to move through each pose with the pace of your breath and create more meaningful energy.

ROOT YOGA is designed to help you find your purpose for practice. This Branch of Tai Ki Yoga will take a deeper into you practice. We will take a closer look into our breath and energy as we move through our poses. Meditation is an important part of this practice. If you tend to get cold when meditating make sure you wear layers! You’re always more than welcome to bring a blanket.

AROMA YOGA will combine the use of essential oils and Tai Ki yoga. This is a great class anytime of the day or week. Treating yourself with mindfulness and breathing can create stillness in all parts of our life.

CARDIO ASANA uses exercises from Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts and Strength Training for an ultimate fitness workout!

Students have notice many benefits: Improved abdominal and back strength, increased flexibility and circulation, firmer, more powerful muscles, Improved posture and body alignment, better sleeping habits and focus, increased energy levels, stress reduction, self awareness, confidence and better self-esteem.


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